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Experiencing the summit is a dream for every mountain climber. It is a herculean task that requires a lot of determination, effort, planning, persistence, perseverance and so on. Building a product from scratch and releasing it is akin to reaching the summit. You need to overcome many challenges to understand and execute on project planning, product requirements, market, customer and business needs. Applying the right set of ideas, decisions and efforts all of the way along.

Today, we are reaching our own little summit with our first commercial product launch. Having spent months understanding customer needs in the IoT simulation space, we built KnowThings. KnowThings is an IoT simulation tool that can help IoT developers accelerate their solution development by generating realistic device data that uses patented technologies in machine learning and device virtualization in partnership with Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia and CA Strategic and Applied Research. We were so lucky to have a fair number of early adopters participating in our Early Adopter Program who all provided us very valuable feedback and helped us move forward from a prototype stage last November to the commercial version today.

On the top of the world together. A group of people stands on a hill over the beautiful cloudscape.

KnowThings partnership announcements

We are also excited to announce our partnership with Capstone Metering, a provider of IntelliH2O, the first intelligent water meter for residential use. They are enhancing their Metering DevOps platform toolkit by integrating the KnowThings IoT simulation tool. This announcement adds well to our growing list of partners including announcements made this earlier year with ObjectSpectrum and Bioworld.

With KnowThings you can:

  • Simulate your solutions quickly and easily with a three-step process. Capture, Model and Playback your IoT solutions.
  • Reduce unknown risks to your software development cycle. Testing your IoT software with large volumes of realistic synthetic data.
  • Integrate easily into your test environment. KnowThings Swagger APIs allow you to realize the value of KnowThings quickly and easily.

We also refreshed our website with new documentation, a product page, and an updated FAQ to help IoT developers and solution builders learn about our products quickly. You can also download the community edition for free and start playing with it today.

For the mountain climbers, besides climbing the summit there are other tasks that are necessary to make a successful summit trip such as returning safely to the base and then build on that experience to get to the next higher summit etc. We, at KnowThings, also like going back to our customers to hear more feedback and continue to build the product that our customers love. However, today is the celebration time, so toast to our first summit!

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