IEEE/ACM 3rd International Workshop on Rapid Continuous Software Engineering (RCoSE)

AKBlog0 Comments will be at the IEEE/ACM 3rd International Workshop on Rapid Continuous Software Engineering (RCoSE), to speak about their product and how it will help IoT developers. Anand Kameswaran (the Founder), Steve Versteeg, and Zeinab Farahmandpour are working together to develop this innovative IoT development solution. Zeinab is currently a PhD student at Swinburne University of Technology, Australia. This research article will be Zeinab’s fifth peer reviewed publication in an international journal or conference. Steve is part of CA Strategic Research and has conducted long-term research in areas of strategic importance to CA Technologies in collaboration with universities. Their passion and interest in IoT has led to the creation of This is an IoT based Incubator in CA Technologies’ Accelerator program that wants to create virtualization for various IoT devices. The majority of IoT projects are currently focused on small devices and monitoring sensors that need to be tested. IoT developers are working with many small devices that is unstandardized which makes it difficult to test. The team is working hard on making it easier for developers to test if the IoT solution actually works. The product is a machine learning driven virtual device to support and speed up IoT prototyping, development and testing.

The smart and talented team recently wrote an article on a use case scenario of an IoT service / device virtualization. The article explores the possible issues and challenges in virtualizing IoT devices. Due to diversity of IoT devices and protocols, the intractability of manually supporting all of them, the article proposes applying machine learning methods to IoT. Specifically, IoT extensions to Opaque Service Virtualization (a machine learning feature the CA Service Virtualization product) are being developed for the IoT environment. The team is leading the road for IoT developers by providing the virtual devices and tools to enable development at the speed of thought.

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