Happy Thanksgiving with IoT

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We are software developers, and usually we are interested in code, testing, and delivery of code. But the things that are tested, delivered, and coded affect actual people and help improve end user’s lives, so let’s look at five of the ways consumers of IoT devices’ lives will be impacted by IoT over the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanksgiving Day turkey with wine and decorations.

Brought to you by IoT

1)     In the Kitchen

There are tons of connected devices in the kitchen. June Oven offers to let you control your oven from your phone, and will adapt temperature and time based on your doneness preference. Samsung has a line of smart refrigerators that will keep track of your grocery lists, and what you have in stock for Thanksgiving Day preparations.

Sensor technology improvement have allowed for the concept of sous vide to go mainstream. Sous vide is a cooking method that relies upon accurate temperature control and vacuum sealing to hold a dish at a precise temperature for a long time. It’s been used in restaurants since the 1800s, but you can now purchase a Bluetooth device that will let you use the technique at home.

2)     On the Roads and in the Air

This year there were more Thanksgiving travelers than there have been in the past twelve years. They will check into their flight, find their gate, and navigate the airport through IoT devices.

On the road, there are sensors that will be reporting how fast they go, and how many travelers there are so that traffic lights can optimize their journey. Travelers will, of course, be using the most popular IoT device of all, their smart cell phone, to tell them where they are going and to entertain them on the way.

3)     At the Store

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the two biggest sales days of the year. Behind all of that movement and shipping of goods is… dun, dun, dun… connected devices. RFID tags tell warehouse workers where to put things on the shelves at your local stores, and scanners and chips tell the store clerks where to find them, and how many of your favorite items they have left in stock.

The truck that delivers you that awesome TV is connected, the warehouse where it’s stored is connected.  Got a tracking code? There’s sensors telling you where your package is at all times! These sensors help ensure that you know where and when your package is delivered, and keep your package from getting lost.

4)     On the Airwaves

When families get together for Thanksgiving, they have to be entertained. Smart speakers will play music that the family will enjoy thanks to machine learning algorithms choosing their next favorite song. They can also set timings for food, or remind you to do that last minute preparation for the big feast.

In much of the US, Thanksgiving day entertainment means is football on TV. The TV itself is an IoT device. On Thanksgiving, it is possible to watch three straight days of recorded and live football games on a smart TV. Your TV can be voice controlled, that you don’t even have to distract yourself from all of that football to find the remote.

5)     Cleaning up the Aftermath!

Having large family get together with large amounts of food leads to large messes. You can clean up after these events with robot vacuum cleaners and floor scrubbers that are increasingly available at a low price point. These vacuums will allow you to schedule a cleaning from the couch while you are recovering from your Thanksgiving Day meal.

Ahead of the big day, you can make sure that you are stocked up on cleaning supplies through devices like the Amazon dash, which will remind you when you are running low and place the order for you.

Looking at the interactions of families on Thanksgiving shows us how our many hours of work in the software development field make the lives of real people better and easier. All of these devices need to be built, coded, and tested, and that’s where the developers come in.

We wish all of the developers out there a Happy Thanksgiving and we will spend our holiday enjoying the fruits of their many labors! Happy Thanksgiving from the KnowThings team!

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